2009 Thoroughbred 21X95
2011 Thoroughbred 21 x 103-C
2004 Horizon 18x90
2004 20 X 112 Sharpe
2001 Lakeview 16x69


My name is Brian Abner and I am the new boat broker for buyaboat.net at Lee’s Ford Marina. I am a so excited about this new adventure in my career as you broker. Growing up in Jabez, KY I have been on the water since I was a child. I now live in Somerset with my wife and 2 children. Alex is 22 years old and attends college, Natalie is 11 years old and in 5th grade. My wife, Jennifer is a school teacher in the County school system.

I have over 20 years of sales experience in this community, spending over 15 years in the broadcast field of video/ audio. These experiences will enhance what I can bring to this business. With an all new website, new social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc… we will be able to reach a nationwide clientele.  

The Facebook page is up and under construction. You can go to facebook.com/buyaboat.net to find the new page. Boats are being added to the page daily. I am also working on video for each boat. Those will be loaded onto the new website, with links to our YouTube page.

It’s an exciting time to be with BuyaBoat.net, and I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. Feel free to stop by, email or call me any time.  Just visit our CONTACT US page for all of my info!

Thank you,


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At BuyaBoat you can expect to find the highest quality houseboats, cruisers, runabouts, and other vessels for your individual interest. Previously, Top Shelf Marine Sales, we have expanded our inventory, sales, and expertise to suit your every need as BuyaBoat.

Visit our Boats For Sale Page, and you will see the world’s largest inventory of houseboats, and other vessels, new and used for sale. Just check out your price range and away you go!

On our Home Page, we have a Featured Houseboat section, for houseboats for sale that are currently on the market, with fantastic photos that will draw you in to think about the purchase you are waiting to make.  Although, houseboats are the specialty of BuyaBoat, we also have cruisers, pontoons, runabouts, and other fine boats for your selection.

When the time arrives to purchase your new or used houseboat, Buyaboat will help you find the perfect vessel for you. We are the perfect source to begin your search for a new houseboat. Look for features that you never knew you even wanted.  BuyaBoat is committed to help you find the perfect houseboat to suit your needs. It’s a part of our commitment to be the largest boat broker of the world.

If you do not see what you are interested in, please contact us, we are willing and able to help you find the perfect houseboat or other vessel for your family.

Thank you for visiting www.buyaboat.net, feel free to browse our site and make the decision to purchase a life changing decision, one that you will not regret.

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