Welcome to our inventory of Houseboats.  From here, you can search by price category OR you can search by keyword.  In order to search by manufacturer, you will need to input part of the manufacturers name or the correct spelling of the whole name.  For example, if you are searching for a Sumerset Houseboat, you can either type in Sum or Sumerset. 

For your convenience, here are the brands that we currently have inventory of:  Sharpe, Sumerset, Horizon, Stardust, Fantasy, Lakeview, Starlite, Paradise, Jamestowner, Cumberland, Gibson, Playcraft, Harbormaster, Catamaran Cruiser, Hilburn, Carri Craft.  Thank you for visiting our web site, enjoy your experience on and please give us a call if you have any questions at 606-636-6427.