Ready To List?

If you are serious about selling your boat, BuyaBoat.Net is the only logical choice.  You should list with us because:

We’re Your Broker – Not Your Competition!

  • Is Your broker a manufacturer?
    • A manufacturers 1st interest is to manufacture a new boat
    • A manufacturers 2nd interest is to sell a boat they took in on trade
    • A manufacturers 3rd interest is to broker an individual’s boat
  • Is your broker a boat dealer?
    • A dealers 1st interest is to sell boats from their inventory
    • A dealers 2nd interest would be to pre-sell as many boats under construction as possible
    • A dealers 3rd interest would be to broker an individual’s boat
  • At BuyaBoat.Net we are not a manufacturer or a boat dealer
    • Selling YOUR boat is always our 1st and only interest
    • Internet Exposure:  All listings run on our site until sold!
    • Print Exposure:  All listings shown monthly in Houseboat Magazine until sold!
    • Daily inquiries from buyers nationally and internationally!
    • Knowledgeable full-time brokers seven days a week!
    • Office staff managing inquiries seven days a week!

There are two forms you will need to fill out and fax into our office. Once you are finished, email this information to [email protected] If you have questions, please call our experienced sales staff at 606-303-5741 If you prefer e-mail, simply send a message to: [email protected]