Can You Imagine….

Going on vacation, and being able to take your home with you? Everything you use in your daily life, remains with you for the duration of your trip. Sounds like fiction, but it happens every week along many U.S. lakes, in every season. Houseboating offers unparalleled vacation possibilities. A docked modern houseboat is equipped with a full size range, dishwasher, washer/dryer, trash compactor, ice maker, microwave, 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, king & queen size beds throughout, ample storage in hull, a roof top bar, which may include a sink, refrigerator, and TV.  And In-Motion Satellite TV, surround sound, and AM/FM CD stereo system. With a powerful generator on board, all these same conveniences will function normally as you cruise down the lake at a relaxing pace. You can enjoy the peace and tranquil lake environment, with family and friends, while sacrificing none of life’s modern conveniences.

Aluminum hull houseboats do not depreciate the way many recreational boats do and if taken care of, many appreciate
at comparable home rates.

Picture waking up in a secluded cove on the lake, with the fog slowly lifting off the water, as you sip your morning coffee. Your fishing pole is baited, while you wait for a bite. As the fog lifts away, the clear blue skies reflect down on the glassy smooth water, as you try to decide whether to read a book from a lounge chair on the roof, go for a Sea Doo ride, or an early morning ski run. The quiet is only disturbed by a jumping fish, birds singing,
or a wood duck splash landing nearby.

There are few activities that can hold a families attention, for a weekend, or even an entire week. On board computers and TV are turned off in favor of board games, fishing, grilling, telling stories, and watching sunsets. Your children are growing up fast, so maybe it’s time you made an investment in quality family time, and memories that will last forever.

Surfing through this website you can get an idea of the beauty of some of these houseboats.  However, if you have never had the opportunity to walk through a houseboat, it’s time you called to schedule a tour.